UiPath If Then Else Example Tutorial

If you want to learn conditional programming in UiPath Studio, there are two activities to choose from:

  • The If activity in UiPath
  • The Switch activity in UiPath

In this tutorial, we will focus on the If Then activity.

UiPath Conditional Logic tutorial

The steps to use the conditional UiPath if activity in a program are:

  1. Search for if in the Activities panel
  2. Add the If activity onto the UiPath process
  3. Add a boolean statement as the condition
  4. Code logic into the Then section of the UiPath If activity
  5. If there is a need, add logic to the Else condition
UiPath If Activity Example
UiPath If Activity Example

Advanced conditional UiPath logic

For complex logic, you can nest UiPath If Activities within each other, which will create a rich tapestry of logical decisions. It’s worth noting that if the logic gets too complicated, refactoring might be a good idea. Or, the use of a UiPath workflow might be in order.

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