UiPath Certification Badge & Logo

The great thing about being UiPath Certified is the fact that you get to use the UiPath Certification badge on your resume, business card and website.

The use of any other UiPath Logo is not allowed. Try and use the standard UiPath logo on any product or resource of yours and you’ll quickly get a letter from their legal department. But if you earn your RPA certification, the UiPath Certified Logo is fair game.

How to get the UiPath Certified Badge or Logo

So, how do you get the UiPath Certified badge or logo?

UiPath Certification Logo and Badge download from

UiPath Certmetrics Verification ID

The other cool thing about Certmetrics is that they have a verification ID that authenticates your certification. You can give this URL to any prospective employer.

Here’s what a sample link looks like:


RPA UiPath Certified Logo

If you want to prove your with, it’s worth it to get UiPath Certified and prominently display your UiPath Certification Logo on your resume and webpage.

I'm just a citizen developer, not associated with UiPath, who is interested in learning about RPA Tools and seeking UiPath Associate and Developer certification