Top 10 Java Memory Management Interview Questions for Garbage Collection GC

Here are the top ten most often asked Java memory management interview questions.

JVM Memory Management Interview
Here’s how to answer the Java memory management interview questions.

# Top Java Garbage Collection Interview Questions

These ten Java memory management interview questions are designed to test an applicant on their JDK optimization and Java performance management skills:

  1. Why is Java GC even a part of the JDK?
  2. What is the meaning of mark and sweep with regards to the the CMS garbage collector?
  3. When do objects on the heap become available for Java garbage collection?
  4. A good Java memory management interview question is: What is the biggest drawback or downside to automatic garbage collection in Java?
  5. What is the generational hypothesis of object allocation and memory management?
  6. How does major GC, minor GC and full garbage collection differ?
  7. How do you diagnose a Java memory leak with Java Mission Control?
  8. What is a stop-the-world JVM event?
  9. Many Java garbage collection interview questions involve CMS vs G1 vs ZGC vs Shenandoah garbage collection. So a sample Java GC interview question on the topic might be: When would you choose G1 over ZGC garbage collectors?
  10. How can you force Java GC? How can you stop Java GC?

## Java Memory Management Interview Questions

If you want to pass the Java garbage collection interview, you need to be answer these JVM memory management questions.

JDK Mission Control GC
Java Memory Management GC interview questions often involve JDK Mission Control and Flight Recorder.

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