Best Jenkins CI Alternatives for Continuous Integration

Jenkins CI is a great tool. But it doesn’t fit every developer’s needs.

Jenkins Alternatives List

If you are looking for a list of 10 Jenkins alternatives, here are the best ones:

  1. GitLab and its CI/CD tooling
  2. GitHub Actions and its YAML based pipeline configuration
  3. Atlassian Bamboo for those who love JIRA
  4. TeamCity for fans of those amazing Russians behind JetBrains
  5. Spinnaker for those who want help with the continuous deployment part of their CI/CD pipeline
  6. UrbanCode for those who still use IBM products
  7. AWS CodePipeline for avid users of Amazon Web Services
  8. Azure DevOps Server for those who have experience with the old Microsoft Team Foundation Server
  9. Gradle and Maven with Jenkins those who want something very basic. Maybe even Jenkins and ANT would be fun?
  10. CloudBees CI for those who just want more Jenkins support

Jenkins CI Benefits

The big benefit of using Jenkins CI? At the top of the list is the fact that it’s open source. After that? A big Jenkins benefit is the fact that it has an extensive ecosystem of plugins for what seems to be every imaginable product.

Need to use SonarCube with Jenkins? There’s a plugin for that. Need to use GitHub and Jenkins? There’s a plugin for that. Tired of Jenkins’ blue balls? There’s a plugin that will fix that as well.

Jenkins CI Disadvantages

On the other hand, there are Jenkins CI drawbacks, one of which is the lack of Jenkins YAML support. There’s a plugin to help with that, but it’s only in the incubation stage.

And of course, being open-source, Jenkins itself doesn’t come inherently with any support other than what you’ll find in the forums or on StackOverflow. Which is why many users turn to CloudBees, so they can get the benefits of Jenkins with professional support tied in as well.

But then again, there are inevitably some out there who just don’t like Jenkins CI and want a few Jenkins alternatives to mull over. If that’s the case, hopefully this list of Jenkins alternatives will help you out.

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