By default, the UiPath switch activity will use an integer type. But the switch case activity can be changed to use any valid data type, including a String.

String, Switch and Uipath

They key to using the String in the switch activity is to configure the argument type in the properties panel. Just change the reference type of the UiPath Switch to String, use a String value in the expression, and your RPA program will work. And you’ll find it to be a great alternative to using the UiPath if activity to implement conditional logic in your RPA applications.

This example was done on UiPath Studio installation 21.4.

The UiPath Switch Activity allows developers to implement multi-branch conditional logic without having to resort to nested UiPath If statements.

UiPath int32 Switch

In this Switch Activity Example in UiPath Studio, we explain how to use an int32 value as the expression of the switch. We provide various numeric values, and suggest whether or not a full cricket, hockey, hurling or surfing team could be assembled.

If you want to learn how to use the switch for conditional logic in UiPath, instead of the if activity, this example is for you.

This example was done on an installation of UiPath Studio 21.4.

If you want to learn conditional programming in UiPath Studio, there are two activities to choose from:

  • The If activity in UiPath
  • The Switch activity in UiPath

In this tutorial, we will focus on the If Then activity.

UiPath Conditional Logic tutorial

The steps to use the conditional UiPath if activity in a program are:

  1. Search for if in the Activities panel
  2. Add the If activity onto the UiPath process
  3. Add a boolean statement as the condition
  4. Code logic into the Then section of the UiPath If activity
  5. If there is a need, add logic to the Else condition
UiPath If Activity Example
UiPath If Activity Example

Jenkins CI is a great tool. But it doesn’t fit every developer’s needs.

Jenkins Alternatives List

If you are looking for a list of 10 Jenkins alternatives, here are the best ones:

  1. GitLab and its CI/CD tooling
  2. GitHub Actions and its YAML based pipeline configuration
  3. Atlassian Bamboo for those who love JIRA
  4. TeamCity for fans of those amazing Russians behind JetBrains
  5. Spinnaker for those who want help with the continuous deployment part of their CI/CD pipeline
  6. UrbanCode for those who still use IBM products
  7. AWS CodePipeline for avid users of Amazon Web Services
  8. Azure DevOps Server for those who have experience with the…

The great thing about being UiPath Certified is the fact that you get to use the UiPath Certification badge on your resume, business card and website.

The use of any other UiPath Logo is not allowed. Try and use the standard UiPath logo on any product or resource of yours and you’ll quickly get a letter from their legal department. But if you earn your RPA certification, the UiPath Certified Logo is fair game.

How to get the UiPath Certified Badge or Logo

So, how do you get the UiPath Certified badge or logo?

  1. Pass the Uipath RPA Certification exam. Either the UiPath Associate or Developer certification will…

Here are the top ten most often asked Java memory management interview questions.

JVM Memory Management Interview
JVM Memory Management Interview

# Top Java Garbage Collection Interview Questions

These ten Java memory management interview questions are designed to test an applicant on their JDK optimization and Java performance management skills:

  1. Why is Java GC even a part of the JDK?
  2. What is the meaning of mark and sweep with regards to the the CMS garbage collector?
  3. When do objects on the heap become available for Java garbage collection?
  4. A good Java memory management interview question is: What is the biggest drawback or downside to automatic garbage collection in…

The standard Git Flow Diagram has always left a lot to be desired.

Git Flow Diagram Problems

Here are the issues with the typical Git Flow diagram:

  • From one site to another, the colors used are inconsistent.
  • Git commit, merge and rebase points are not clearly distinguished
  • Some standard Git Flow branches are ignored, like Gitflow support and Gitflow bugfix

That’s why I like this better Git Flow diagram. The image below is based on it.

Here’s a link to the proper image: Better Gitflow Workflow Diagram

As you can see, it’s consistent in its color. It differentiated between merge…

The following is a transcript of the UiPath Anchor Base tutorial posted above.

UiPath Anchor Base Example

I did a previous tutorial on how to do some basic text extraction without the Anchor Base activity as an introduction, but if you ever start doing serious data extraction from your PDFs, you absolutely must use the UiPath Anchor Base Activity with the AnchorPosition property. That’s the only way to really make text extraction work with multiple PDF files from different vendors over an extended timeline where the structure of the file might change.

So that’s what I want to…

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